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Reflections On Service This Veteran's Day

In observance of Veteran's Day we talked with one of our San Jose Water vets about his service and how he's carried those lessons with him through life.

Like Saving Money? Check Your Water Meter

Your water meter, like so many things in our lives, is something you might not give much thought to until something goes wrong. It’s not as flashy as the iPhone X, but to your water service provider, it’s a key piece of tech, which is why we’re going to dispel some common misconceptions you may have about your water meter.

San Jose Water Introduces New CEO

Today, marks the beginning of a new era for San Jose Water as Eric Thornburg takes the reins from Rich Roth, SJW’s retiring Chief Executive Officer.  Rich was President and CEO of San Jose Water Group, our parent company, for more than 20 years. Eric comes to our company with 35 years of experience in the water industry. Most recently he served as the President and CEO of Connecticut Water Service, Inc.  He also worked for American Water Works Corporation and Missouri-American Water.

Aging Infrastructure and New Water Pipe Standards

SJW and our partner organizations are doing our parts to help proactively counter the effects of old pipes and aging infrastructure on the environment, water quality and water supply.

Turns Out, A Day Without Water Is A Nightmare

It’s 3 a.m. You wake up. The house seems quieter than normal. Your wife shifts slightly and the dog snores as you pad barefoot to the bathroom to get a drink of water. You turn the faucet handle, yet no water comes out. Confused, you use the toilet and flush. Again, nothing happens. Your day without water has begun.

What Does It Take To Read More Than 200K Meters?

If you're a San Jose Water customer, you probably already know how to read your meter because our customers are some of the smartest water users around. But if you don't, there's a video for that. However, unlike reading your own home meter a career in meter reading requires employees to be part MacGyver and part data collector. For San Jose Water's team of Meter Readers, the job can be fun, challenging, and occasionally, frustrating.

Irrigation Nation: How to Get Started with Irrigation Systems

Let’s take a look at how we can get that volume down while maintaining a beautiful, evenly – and automatically – watered yard or garden.

SJW Employees Raise Nearly $11,000 For Fire Relief In Just One Week

San Jose Water employees have deep roots in the Northern California community.  The company itself has been around for more than 150 years and many of its employees are born and raised in Northern California’s communities.  That’s why SJW employees stepped up to help our neighbors to the north whose communities were devastated by the Napa and Sonoma County fires.

3 California Native Plants Perfect for a Water-Wise Container Garden

Thanks to container gardening, even if you have a small space you can get your hands dirty and spend some relaxing time tending to a garden and enjoy cascading flowers year-round.

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