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Rates & Regulations

San Jose Water's rates are set by an independent third party, the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC). The CPUC's mission is to protect utility customers and to make sure that the rates charged by all utilities are fair and reasonable. The water rates charged by San Jose Water are based upon "cost of service," which means we pass through our operating costs without mark up. Browse this page to learn more about our rates and regulations that impact them.

Tariff Book

View the tariff book, preliminary statement maps, contracts and deviations, rules, and forms.

Rate Information, Cases + FAQs

Learn more about why water rates have increased.

Filings with the CPUC

See legal documents filed with the California Public Utilities Commission.

Billing Schedules

The "schedule" refers to the type of service a customer uses. See rates for different schedules.

What's Water Worth

Understand rates. Find out what water's worth, and why.